From Mary G:

A really long time in coming...My eternal thanks go out to the most incredible Realtor and now dear friend...Diane Harris McKean. I can not thank you enough for all the patience, direction, tolerance, and friendship you showed me in such a difficult time in my life! You understood when my heart was not into it, without any judgement, and you were right there with me when I was making the right decision for me. Bless you for all you did for me, for dragging your family over to help me move on such short notice, and thank you for the amazing gift basket! Anyone looking to move??? Diane Harris McKean...Best ever!!!!!!!

From Jim and Karen O:

Thank you so much for SO much! From being our Realtor to friend to moving day helper to counselor and back to friend= You've been amazing and we really appreciate your steady presence throughout this whole crazy process!

From Terri :

In 2009 I decided to sell my home in the Bethany area and move out-of-state with my son and daughter. I interviewed several realtors that friends had recommended to me. Diane McKean was one of realtors I spoke to. I got a good feeling about her. She seemed down-to-earth and very ethical. I could honestly admit if I did not understand something without worrying that I was making myself too vulnerable. Leaving our home was very stressful, and I decided that out of all the realtors I spoke with, Diane would be the best one to steer me through the process.
Diane and I decided to wait to put the house on the market until after I had moved out. I had a lot of sorting to do since we had lived in the house for 17 years, and I only had a few weeks' notice before I had to report for my new job. Diane put the house on the market immediately after my teenage son and I drove off with a large Penske truck stuffed with our belongings. My older daughter remained behind in the nearly empty house for a few weeks before joining us.
Diane suggested staging the house to increase its appeal. I had followed her other suggestions before I left regarding repairs and cleaning up. The house entered escrow a little over a month after I had left. I was thrilled since I was paying rent where I moved plus my Oregon mortgage. I felt very fortunate to sell my home so quickly, especially since I was across the country. I trusted Diane and she did not take advantage of that trust. She came through for me. Recently I called her to ask advice about my home here because I do not have a local realtor that I trust. She came through for me again, speaking honestly and thoughtfully. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane if you are looking for a realtor that you can trust to tell you the truth.

From DB:

So, I think I'm all done!...I can't thank you enough! I am moving my furniture in this weekend...Looks like I'm all set.
I can't thank you enough for all your assistance. I definitely owe you a fun happy hour!